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What Is Offer Sesame?

Offer Sesame provides distressed homesellers a marketplace that connects them to local real estate investors. This benefits both the seller and buyer because the seller gets the highest price for their property. While the buyer doesn't have spend thousands in marketing.

As-Is Condition

No need for expensive rennovations, cleaning your house, and getting it in market shape! Sell it as-is without the usual real estate stress.

No Fees No Fuss

Sell your house fast without any fees. Compared to other cash options Offer Sesame will alwyas get you the best deal! This means no closing costs.

Sell Your House Fast

Working with our trusted real-estate investors you will notice that they are here to serve you. Need to close sooner or later? Close on your schedule.

How The Selling Process Works

Schedule a Home Visit

Click "Get Cash Offer" and fill out the form. Within 24 hours we will contact you to schedule your no obligation home visit where we asses your poroperty.

Recieve Multiple Quotes

A few days after your quick inspection we will deliver you with the highest cash offers. You are under no obligation to accept. You have the freedom to choose who you want to work with!

You Walk Away With Cash

Close on the date of your choice. Walk away with cash in your pocket. And without having to pay any extra fees. It is really that easy.

Get The Best Value

Compare Offer Sesame with the other home selling options


  • Closing fees up to 6%
  • Endless negotiations
  • 2-3 month sales timelines
  • Weeks between offers
  • Open houses and showings
  • Long inefficient Process


  • No closing fees
  • Multiple cash offers
  • Easy non-invasive experience
  • Highest possible cash offer
  • Close when you need
  • Seamless well thought out process


  • Hidden closing fees
  • 1 cash offer
  • Questionable sales tactics
  • Untransparent low ball offers
  • Unreliable last minute backouts
  • Small unprofessional outfits

Is This You?

We get your house sold off market at the highest possible all cash price in any condition. You don't need to make any repairs or updates. Our focus is to provide a solution to distressed homesellers that would other wise have to sell to questionable "we buy houses" companies. We have helped hundreds of sellers in all kinds of situations.

Inherited Property and Probate

Many times people inherit houses in other states. They are busy and don't have time to wait for the traditional process. They just want to sell their house fast.


Parents are left with  a house that is to big for them when their kids move out and just want to sell their house fast. Or you may have a relative that needs your help in another state.

Stop Foreclosure

Unfortunately the house that you may have once cherished has became a money pit and you are struggling to make the mortgage payments.

In Disrepair

Do you need to sell your house fast but it isn't in market shape? Realtors often struggle to sell houses in poor condition and the "we buy houses" companies are low balling you?


Are you facing a divorce and you have decided the best route of action is just to sell your house fast? You may want to sell your house and move on with your life.


This is very common situation that  many of our sellers find themselves in. A family member might get sick in another state and you need to move closer to them.
About Offer Sesame
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The founders of Offer Sesame have years of experience in the cash homebuyer and "we buy houses" space. They realized that distressed home sellers often fell prey to unscrupulous investors which resulted in them getting the short end of the stick. The cash home buying space lacked a trustworthy central brand and was incredibly fragmented.

Offer Sesame brings a marketplace where home sellers can sell their property with confidence to the highest bidder and still receive the benefits of an all cash deal.

Some of the Top States We Buy Houses In

Though we are a Nationwide solution to sell your house fast here are the top states that we buy houses in.
Sell Your House In
We buy houses all over Florida. Check to top cites in FL that we buy houses in.
Florida Cities
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We buy houses in TX. Check to top cites in Texas that we buy houses in.
Texas Cities
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We buy houses in California. Check to top cites in CA that we buy houses in.
California Cities

Are You Ready To Sell Your House?

Whether you are ready to sell your house or you are just shopping around for offers fill out the form with no obligation! Also, if you are still unsure and you need some free guidance or you have questions then let us help you!