How to Move Out of Your Parents House

November 17, 2021

Do you all still live at your grandma’s house? Well, your parents had to move out, just as you will eventually have to. Whether you're just starting college or are well past your twenties, we've got you covered with your ultimate guide to taking the leap.

According to research by the Pew Research Center, as of July 2020, 52% of youth aged 18-29 lived with one or both of their parents, which is an increase from 47% in February. This is largely due to the great depression resulting from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. When asked why they moved, 23% stated that it was because their college campus had closed, while 18% said it was because of job loss or other financial reasons.

However, at some point, you'll be ready to spread your wings, and knowing How to Move out of Your Parents House will prepare you for the challenges along the way- continue reading this article for more tips!

Don’t be left out!

This number has finally been reduced as more colleges are opening for both new and continuing students. If you are ready to take the step, here’s how to go through with it:

Is it time?

You have been debating with yourself, had a talk with your friends and even your family, but are still not sure whether it is a perfect time. Living with your parents has a few advantages and disadvantages, and so does living by yourself.

Moving out of your parents’ house can be an overwhelming emotional experience for both you and your parents. It is important to be able to tell whether it is time or not, and also whether both parties are okay with the plan.

Here are a few signs that will help you decide:

  • Teen

You are finally a young adult capable of fending for yourself, and college is knocking on your door. As much as you would really want to continue living and eating free under your parents’ roof, it is also important for you to learn how to live in the outside world.

  1. You want your space and you are tired of sharing a room with your sibling in kindergarten. Your parents always go through your stuff, and you also can't find your other pair of socks all the time.
  2. You want your freedom. The 5 pm curfew isn't allowing you to have a good time with your friends, and you feel suffocated by all your parents' rules.
  3. The commute from college to home will be financially and physically draining compared to living close to your college.
  4. You have had a talk with your parents about moving out, and you have both agreed that it is the best option.
  5. You are tired of the daily broccoli and assorted vegetables and your tongue craves the food you see on every Instagram post.

Here is more information on how to move out as a teen.

  • Adult

You already have a kid starting kindergarten, or your friends’ kids are starting junior high. Here’s how to tell that it's about time you got a place of your own:

  1. You have little or no freedom. You don’t know how to explain to your friends that you have to go back home in time for dinner.
  2. You have no space. You can't stay comfortably with your significant other or take them back home. In addition, your mom doesn’t like the way he/she slurps their tea.
  3. Your parents tell you to move out. There is no doubt you have had this conversation with them before. They say you are way too old to be hunkered down under their roof instead of starting your own family.
  4. Constant chores. You hate lawn Saturdays; you do all the hedge trimming and babysit your neighbor's kids during the nightshifts. There is no way, of course, your parents will let you get away with finishing two boxes of cereal a week.
  5. Your family is growing. Your younger sibling; 5 years younger, has introduced a new member to the family, yet you are still waiting. Every time during dinner, your family stares suggestively at you, urging you to get your own place.
  6. The commute from home to work is becoming tedious day by day. You need to get closer to work!

Plan ahead of time

Carefully plan everything before you move out

Before moving out, it is important to decide whether moving out would be a great option for you. If you are unsure, it is advisable to give yourself a few days to think about it. This is because it might have been an impulse decision because your parents made you mad at them. Or possibly peer pressure from your friends' having their own places.

You need to have a discussion with your parents about your decision to move out. Leaving for a different lifestyle involves a lot of emotion for both you and your parents.

From your parents, you will also get the ultimate advice on how to live your new life. It is easy to get swayed without parental guidance. Therefore, this calls for a serious sit-down to have a common meeting point.

If you are having trouble making this move, here are a few checklists you need to complete.

  • Are you financially ready?

As mentioned preparation is one of your biggest considerations when discovering how to move out of your parents house, and tying up your finances is essential.

If you have any existing student or bank loans, have you cleared them? This is necessary for a good credit score.

Most landlords check your credit card scores to see whether you can pay rent on time. This also applies when applying for financial aid, where the higher your credit card score, the higher the loans you get. To keep a good credit score,

  • Pay your loans on time.
  • Apply for it only when you need it.
  • Don’t use as much as your credit limit.

Get more info on credit scores here.

It is also key for you to have a steady source of income to keep up with rent payments and general upkeep. You should have an emergency fund for such calamities. This calls for good budgeting skills. 

  • How to Move Out of Your Parents House- Your Cooking Skills Matter

You escape from your mother's favorite meatloaf and vegetables in an attempt to eat whatever you want. With the already tight budget and goal of maintaining a good credit score, it is impossible to always get your favorite takeout.

Basic cooking skills are needed for the first few years and more of your solo life. So, start going to the kitchen to help out, and you’d be surprised at what you pick up. If there is no time for this, it is time to consider getting a roommate who can cook. This will help you learn.

  • Is it doable for you to handle your laundry or dishes?

A man completing his laundry in his new house for article how to move out of your parents house

Living alone also comes with chores. It is mandatory to keep your house or room clean. To avoid infestation by pests, the dishes need to be thoroughly cleaned, unless you want an uninvited roommate.

You should learn how to do your laundry in order to be hygienic. A clean body goes hand in hand with a clean outfit and, finally, a clean house.

  • How are your social skills?

Social skills show a level of independence which is a must-have skill to hone when thinking about how to move out of your parents house successfully.

Can you confidently approach a stranger for directions in case you are lost? It is important to learn how to build a relationship with your new neighbors and friends. You could start by waving hi to them after school or work or even before work.

  • Location

Choosing an apartment and considering all the necessary criteria such as location, neighbours, security

Get a secure place to move into. Security is the most important factor to consider when looking for a place to stay. It should also be close to your college or place of work. This greatly reduces commuter costs.

Don’t forget to change your address to your new house!

Let's get ready!

You have run through the checklist up to this point. It is clear to you that the reasons for moving out are valid, and you have already secured a plan. It is finally time to pack your stuff and get going.

To help you with what you need and what you don’t, here are a few things you need to put in order:

  • Kitchen

A woman unpacking her kitchen utensils

This is where all the magic happens, where you fuel your daily ambitions. To make as little as a small snack, a number of items need to be considered;

  • Kitchen appliances: microwave, coffee maker, electric kettle, and fridge, among others.
  • Utensils: mugs, plates, cooking pans, and cutlery.
  • Food
  • Living room

If your home has a living room or a guest area, it is critical to make it as inviting as possible.

  • Window curtains
  • A carpet and welcome mat.
  • Couches or seats in the case of a non-furnished room.
  • Entertainment, i.e., a television
  • Bedroom

We all love a good night’s rest after a long day at work or school. To achieve the recommended amount of sleep, you need to make your bedroom neat and comfortable.

  • bed and warm bedding.
  • a sufficient change of clothes
  • A shoe rack. 
  • Hangers for your clothes
  • A change of bedding
  • Washroom

There is nothing as comfortable as using your own shower or bathroom. It should be kept clean and neat for an organized routine.

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Laundry supplies like detergent
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, and shower gel are all examples of hygiene item

     .  Outdoors

Always remember your garden tools! A man cutting his lawn

If you have a hedge, a backyard garden, or a lawn, you’ll probably want to maintain them. Make it doable with:

Take only what you will need for your new beginning. You can donate old clothes and items to a shelter to avoid hoarding them. There is no need to bring your messy room along with you.


To avoid hauling heavy bags and incurring extra moving costs, proper packing is mandatory. Don’t worry, here is a compiled list of tips to get you moving:

  • Use packing cartons. Cartons offer a safe place for your items and, more importantly, you can label what items are where for easy unpacking. 
  • Maximize your space; use every zipper for the smallest items. The space in your shoes also counts as extra space! 
  • Wear baggy clothes; it is not illegal to wear your favorite blanket-sized winter jacket. The Timberland boots you plan on packing should also be on your feet. 
  • Rolling your clothes will help you optimize the amount of space within your backpack.

The best strategy for packing is, surprisingly, to pack everything first, then get rid of half of what you have. You will then realize that you do not need your undersized pajamas or your junior high trophies. 

Enlist the assistance of friends or family members to assist you with the packing. Getting a second opinion will greatly assist you in becoming more creative. You will find that everything from your childhood or youth can be packed into two suitcases.

Moving out

You have finally packed, followed the checklist, and are ready to go. The choice of transport largely depends on where you are going.

If it is by air, you need to make sure your bags don’t exceed the weight limit. This is where efficient packing comes in.  

If it is by train, ensure that your luggage is well kept as things might fall off. This also applies to transport by car.

If you have so much to carry, you might want to consider hiring a trustworthy moving company. You can get a free quote from Moving companies also have different rates depending on the amount of luggage and also the distance 

As much as you do not want to go back home again, you will find yourself back there. If your family or friends want to tag along, say yes to them because you will dearly miss them. 

You can also, alternatively, opt for a fun road trip with your friends or family to your destination. 

Settling down

You have followed the ultimate guide on How to Move Out of Your Parents House. This has landed you in front of your new place. Congratulations! You see, it wasn’t that difficult. Remember to manage your funds well and say hi to your neighbors!

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